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Mrs. Amy Saeger

The music program at Saint John the Evangelist School focuses on the various elements of music, including rhythm, melody, harmony, tone color, texture, and form.  Students learn about the history of music, including - but not limited to - its European, African, and American Indian roots.  Students are also exposed to various styles of music, including jazz, blues, opera, classical, calypso, reggae, and musical theatre.  They are taught basic music history, theory, notation, and various dances.

The music program incorporates the New York State Standards, which include creating, performing and participation, knowing and using arts materials and resources, responding to and analyzing works of art, and understanding the cultural dimensions and contributions of the Arts.

Field trips will be taken to the Tri-Cities Opera, and students are expected to perform in Winter & Spring Concerts as they share their talents.  In addition, preparing for the monthly liturgies and learning liturgy music is also part of the program.  Grades are based on participation, effort, and behavior..  Students are also tested on occasion as they reflect on what they have learned. 

Lastly, the music program is made relevant as it is integrated with science, art, poetry, contemporary society, and historical movements.  Music is the universal language.  It is intended to be fun, to have meaning, and to be an outlet for expression.