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Mrs. Mary Newins

Our program is a busy one and includes many different kinds of activities. Through all of our activities, the children will be encouraged to develop good feelings about himself/herself, and to attempt new  experiences.

Learning Centers:

Through the learning center activities, the children will have the opportunity to work individually or in small groups. During this time, they might work independently, with other Kindergarteners, or with the teacher, as they develop skills or concepts in areas such as math, pre-reading or science. Most of the activities available will be in the form of games or manipulative materials. Children will be involved in such activities as listening stations, math and color games, alphabet and phonics, experience stories and individualized work with manipulative materials.

Religion Goals:

Students will:

-say the Hail Mary and the Our Father.

-make the Sign of the Cross.

-participate in saying the Rosary.

- learn about God and the Holy Family.

-learn about Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Holy Week.

-learn about Creation.

-learn that God teaches us to love one another.

-learn how God teaches us to be peacemakers and caring people.

-understand that God makes us special.

Math Goals:

Students will work with:

-spatial relationships.

-sorting and classifying.

-geometry and patterns.

-the concept of numbers (recognizing, writing,

ordering and comparing numbers up to 30; and

counting by 1's, 5's, & 10's to 100.)

-time and money.

-measurement and fractions.

-addition and subtraction of one digit numbers.

Language Arts Goals:

Students will:

-discriminate upper and lower case letters by sight.

-recognize the letters and sounds they make.

-understand alphabetical order.

-read and print simple words and sentences.

-identify rhyming words by sight and sound.

-identify colors and color words.

-demonstrate left to right, top to bottom orientation when reading.

-identify cause and effect.

-identify sequence of events.

-predict outcomes.

-listen and recall details.

-retell stories, dictate stories, engage in dramatic play and discussions.

-know address and phone number.

-follow one, two and three step directions.