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2nd Grade

Ms. Celeste Savage

Your child's second grade year is full of adventure and varied learning experiences! Our curriculum is full, but it is coordinated in such a way that subjects tend to be interconnected. Our main focus in 2nd grade Religion is preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. We have a "Good Manners Club" that all of our students strive very hard to be a part of. The 2nd grade at St. John's plays a pivotal role in the annual May Crowning of our Holy Mother.

Our Language Arts program combines the subjects of Phonics, Spelling, Reading and English. The blending of these four areas adds a more natural transition from one area to the next. Our emphasis is on improving our oral reading and development of higher-level comprehension skills. Developing well-written paragraphs and recognizing that spelling is connected to English, as well as Reading, is also a primary focus.

Within our exploration of Science, we delve into the animal and plant kingdom. We explore outer space, the weather patterns, and the dinosaur era. We integrate varying projects for the varied topics.

In Social Studies, we develop map and chart reading skills. We also develop an awareness of communities, different cultures, and their interdependence on each other.

To round out our 2nd grade curriculum, we develop many math skills. We drill addition and subtraction facts and learn to regroup, tell time and count money. We also explore estimation and probability. The year ends with a very basic introduction to multiplication and division.

Field trips are scattered throughout the year and are tied into curriculum areas to enhance our learning experience.