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1st Grade

Mrs. MaryEllen Vaverchak

First Grade is a very important and wonderful year!  This is the year we really bing learning how to study, reason, and cooperate.  Our class favors a hands-on approach, so we are always moving, touching, and exploring.

At this level, our reading program focuses on comprehension, decoding, word recognition, spelling, oral language, and grammar (Language Arts).

In Religion, we study the following four areas:

1.  What Catholics believe

2.  How Catholics worship

3.  How Catholics live

4.  How Catholics pray

Our Science program covers the life sciences, physical sciences, earth sciences, and the human body.  During out life sciences unit, we study the many different facets of plant and animal life.  When we look at physical sciences, we learn about sound, light, and heat, and how they affect us; we also learn what happens when we move and work.  When we turn to earth science, we learn about the Earth, weather patterns, and the sky.  FInally, when we study the human body, we talk about our five sense, how we grow and change, and how to take care of our bodies.

Social Studies covers a wide range of issues related to things that happen in our schools, community, places of work, in our country, and across the world.

In the First Grade, we cover the following Math subjects: addition and subtraction, concepts, place value numbers, different facets of geometry, elements of graphing, and how to recognize fractions.  We also study important life skills, such as the different values of money, how to tell time, and measurement skills.