9 Livingston St.
Binghamton, NY 13903

(607) 723-0703
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Faculty & Staff


Mr. James Fountaine, Principal

Mrs. Karen Rosenkampff, Office Personnel

Early Childhood Education:


Mrs. Susan Reibel

Mrs. Kimberly Fox

Ms. Brianna Howell

Mrs. Linda Whiting

Mrs. Jennifer Burr

Elementary School


Mrs. Mary Newins

1st Grade:

Mrs. Mary Ellen Vaverchak

2nd Grade:

Ms. Celeste Savage

3rd Grade:

Mrs. Laurie Pencek

4th, 5th & 6th Grade:

Mrs. Mary Terela - ELA

Mr. John Kocik - Social Studies, Current Events, Religion

Mrs. Anu Rai - Math, Science



Mrs. Margarita Valentin - Spanish

Mr. Nick Anderson - Physical Education

Mrs. Amy Saeger - Music

Mrs. Jessica Gilligan - Art

Ms. Karen Winslow - Technology


Support Services:

Mrs. Linda Pinter - Reading Resource

Ms. Pat Chirumbolo - School Nurse

Mr. Randy Birdsall - Custodial Services


St. John the Evangelist N-8 School   We dream, we believe, we achieve.
Building a better tomorrow through faith, values, and a commitment to excellence.
Middle School                                                                                         

Middle School provides a challenging yet nurturing environment that encourages the
students to always do their best  and work up to their potentials.  Our curriculum
meets & exceeds for the NYS and Syracuse Diocese Learning Standards, and all of
our teachers put in their own time and services to help create innovative and
enjoyable extracurricular & educational activities.
Mrs. Bonnie Hanrahan               Mary Ellen Allegtino
Cafeteria Staff
Support Services
Mrs. Linda Pinter
Reading Resource
Sr. Mary Frances Ambs IHM
Title 1 Math  K-4
Ms. Pat Chirumbolo
School Nurse   
Mr. Randy Birdsall                Mr. Bob Butler
Custodial Staff
Mr. Eric Saeger
Middle School  

Recent Past IHM Sisters of SJS
              Sr. Rita                              Sr. Annellen                         Sr. Dolora                         Sr. Evelyn                             Sr. Nora                               Sr. Lucy